I was watching and thinking about the cats, They dont seem to be aware they have as little time as I do, we do, They are out there attacking all the Bull Frogs, whom also do not have nearly as much time as us or the cats. So the cats are attacking the bull frogs, time is attacking the cats and horrible desise is attacking me, kinda like a holacoast goin on out here in the country, The frogs keep croking their mating call, the cats are all running around mateing and im drinking wine and reflection on how we all share the same joy in living every moment.(I would like to be mateing but time and circumstances and the moon did not line up correctly) There is snow on the ground in New England where Im from, the season changing more slowly in the American South but the wine always reflects well a small fire. A good thing in any season, at any location.

     Im going to visit an old person today, much older then I. Together we will vist a time and place that no longer exists. How do you do that? visit a time and place that no longer exists,  You do it over hot tea , short bread cookies and the remberance of people and places you regretted to leave. I will then continue to have experieances streangthing the wonderfull idea that this place and these people are the sort I will regreat to leave, I really dont care if its the leangth of a bull frogs live or the leanth of the cats life thats about to end the bull frogs life or the leangth of life the thing with in me allowes.  I still going to look at pretty girls, drink good wine and enjoy the wormth of any fire so long as it continues to burn.  God life is good.