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I was watching and thinking about the cats, They dont seem to be aware they have as little time as I do, we do, They are out there attacking all the Bull Frogs, whom also do not have nearly as much time as us or the cats. So the cats are attacking the bull frogs, time is attacking the cats and horrible desise is attacking me, kinda like a holacoast goin on out here in the country, The frogs keep croking their mating call, the cats are all running around mateing and im drinking wine and reflection on how we all share the same joy in living every moment.(I would like to be mateing but time and circumstances and the moon did not line up correctly) There is snow on the ground in New England where Im from, the season changing more slowly in the American South but the wine always reflects…

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I was just living

Im still in the south, the south being Mississippi on a warm morning with heavy rain drumming on the tin roof. the wind is wipping the tops of the trees and the woods push the warm smell of old vegatation out into the open fields. The lilys are open and the space between down pours is fillid with the sound of pond and wood land creatures.

I put a stiff shot of moonshine (corn) in my coffee and it gives me the peace to sit for hours and just injoy the experieance of being alive. I walk the fields and around the pond when the rain is light, the rain is cold but the air warm and the feeling is of shareing life and living with those who will never return.

Im thinking of hot food and woman, I’m going to stay within my my ability and realistic expectations and go get some hot food. I used to get this hot woman, I think the death by horrible desiese  thing replaced the hot with a winter of 45 east Prussia  running from the Soviets kind of Cold thing.

I just got a call from houston and will join A team going to a maritime problem offshore of Venice, Let us talk again when I get sorted out.